AAICE hosted China’s Economic Diplomacy in the New Era Academic Seminar
(2022-06-30 09:06:14)

The academic seminar “China’s Economic Diplomacy in the New Era” was hosted by the Special Committee for Economic Diplomacy of the Academic Association for International Cultural Exchange (AAICE) on 28th June both online and offline.  Scholars from 10 Chinese universities discussed “China’s new role and new status, new responsibility and new mission in the international arena” to address the global challenges and to improve global economic and diplomatic governance.

“At present, China needs more academic discussion on the changes in the international economic environment and the choices of China’s diplomatic actions. Universities should contribute to dealing with global challenges and improving global governance,” said Prof. Du Peng, Vice President of Renmin University of China (RUC), Vice President and Secretary General of AAICE. He pointed out that with its domestic economic reform and the general trend of deeper economic globalization, China has made great progress in its economic development in a time when the international situation is in turbulence and the COVID-19 pandemic has been raging around the world. China remains a mainstay of the global economy and has become a stabilizer of the world economy.

Du Peng added that with China’s economy so integrated into the global economy, China will open even wider to the world and contribute more to global governance. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has enriched the theoretical connotation of economy and diplomacy and opened a new realm in the era of globalization, and fostered a new train of thought and a new layout of China’s economic and diplomatic work in the new period.

“China has always adhered to the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind. We will continue working with other countries in unremitting efforts to meet the challenges of global survival, development, security and stability.” said Yue Xiaoyong, Director of the Special Committee for Economic Diplomacy and senior researcher of the National Academy of Development and Strategy of RUC, “China is entering a new stage of development at a firm pace, and both China’s economy and diplomacy will play a key role.”

Yue Xiaoyong added that China needs to work with all parties to build a global immune defense line, and to jointly build a high-quality “Belt and Road Initiative” to contribute to the world economic recovery. China’s economic diplomacy has made remarkable and commendable achievements in recent years by promoting global economic development and stability while maintaining its own national interests. China’s role in maintaining world peace and development and promoting win-win cooperation keeps rising as its economy gets increasingly integrated into the world economy.

The seminar also discussed issues such as bilateral relations between China and other countries, global economic diplomacy and governance, and the promotion of regional and global prosperity and growth.

Renmin University of China took the lead in establishing the Academic Association for International Cultural Exchange (AAICE) in December 2020, which aims to further innovate the academic research and cooperation mechanism in the field of humanities, and to provide an interdisciplinary perspective for solving worldwide issues. AAICE has a Council, an Academic Committee, 12 Special Committees, a Working Committee and a Secretariat. The Special Committee for Economic Diplomacy is specifically organized and managed by research institutions such as the Center for World Studies of the National Academy of Development and Strategy of RUC, and the Center for Economic Diplomacy of RUC.

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