Learning in RUC, Practicing in China: A Review of Renmin University of China Students’ Social Practices
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From the city streets to rural lands, from classrooms to vast lands, the students of Renmin University of China have applied their professional knowledge to practice, and used what they learned to serve the society and live up to the times and the people. Let us go into the stories of RUC students.


One Thousand People and One Hundred Villages

Harvesting on the land of China

In the first One Thousand People and One Hundred Villages entrepreneurship competition, RUC students went into the villages that are in transitional period, and pondered over the path to rural revitalization. Though facing rural disputes, and conducting in-depth interviews and case studies, RUC students explored the ways of applying their learnings into solving real problems.


Case Study of China

Understanding the Spirit of China through Observation and Thinking

In the Case Study of China academic practice program, over 200 students and teachers went to the grassroots level to conduct in-depth research on the capacity and modernization of national governance system, including community governance, digital governance, rural revitalization, grassroots media integration, agricultural products e-commerce, and etc.


Innovation Cup

Frontier and Diversity, feeling the pulse of the era

The 24th Innovation Cup covers a wide range of topics and subjects —— trendy research projects include virtual idols, blind box marketing, and underage uploaders, etc; policy issues target at Beijing Winter Olympics, double reduction policy, epidemic prevention measures and so on.


Innovation Cup of Youth Research and Higher Education Governance

 Listening to the voice of youth

In the first Youth Research Competition, RUC students explored issues such as youth health, social networking, social participation and subculture, which are of great concern to youth groups. They also paid attention to the new problems emerging in the field of higher education, such as teaching quality management and cross-discipline, and actively participated in campus governance.

Now let’s take a closer look at a number of outstanding projects, and listen to the stories of the team members.


  1. Encountering with the transformation of a village, and turning a grand proposition into an example at hand

Zhu Xiaohan, a 2019 undergraduate student in the School of Sociology and Population Studies, visited Dongyue Village, which is in a period of transition, with her team. Their work used representative village cases, a combination of questionnaires, interviews and SWOT-AHP analysis, to provide adaptable suggestions for the selection of development strategies for similar villages. By providing their solutions to the local government, they turned the blueprint into reality.


  1. Focusing on the key link of environmental governance, and adding “optimal solutions” to the gaps of frontier problems

Qu Jiayi, a 2020 undergraduate student of the School of Finance, and her teammates participated in the 24th Innovation Cup. Their work analyzed frontier problems in the background of China’s sustainable development strategy. They built an innovative model through repeatedly debugging, and thoroughly analyzed the influence paths of the benefits of enterprises’ green innovation.


  1. Staying open to all options and complexities, and seeking knowledge in deep case observation

In the Case Study of China project in 2021, Jiang Jinxian, a 2019 undergraduate student in the School of Economics, and his team went to Lu County, Sichuan Province. They visited eight villages in Lu County, conducted in-depth interviews and case studies among more than 20 village heads and 50 villagers. They did research on the homestead reform and summarized the wisdom of Lu County in the process of rural revitalization.

Li Xingye, a 2019 undergraduate student from the School of Economics, and Wang Bowen, a 2019 undergraduate student from the School of Environment & Natural Resources, and their team conducted a case study on a planting company in Meitan County. The team analyzed the effect of “company + village” model in promoting the high-quality development of the tea industry, which helps traditional small farmers to move towards high-quality development.


  1. Discovering the “two-way interaction” between theory and emotion, and letting the voices of youth become the vanguard of academic innovation

Ma Ruisi, a 2020 undergraduate student of the School of Sociology and Population Studies, and her team participated in the Innovation Cup Youth Research Competition in 2021. Her work focuses on the problem of college students’ staying up late. The team approached the issue from the perspective of time sociology, using the rooting theory and the maximum difference method to conduct the interview study, depicting the real picture of college students’ study life.

Wang Yan and Xie Xin, undergraduates of the School of Liberal Arts in 2019, and Jiang Li, an undergraduate of the Law School in 2020, won the grand prize of the 12th Innovation Cup Higher Education Competition. Their study took the practice of humanities major diversion in Ming De College of RUC as the research object. They analyzed the institutional design of the college and students’ major choice, and explored the long-term mechanism of cross-integration of humanities education.



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