Drama Wu Yuzhang on the show in the Mid-Autumn Festival
(2022-09-24 14:09:56)

In the past 85 years since its founding, Renmin University of China has long been a place gathering promising talents and renowned scholars. Former RUC President Wu Yuzhang is among the list. On this special occasion when the Teachers’ Day and Mid-Autumn Festival fall on the same day, all RUCers are invited to watch the original drama Wu Yuzhang and gain some insight into the scholar’s high ethics in the revolutionary era.

Unyielding and fearless.
“As long as all of you can get rid of dangers,
I am ready and willing to die instead.”

Dedicated to education.
“I have devoted my whole life to setting up schools and cultivating talents for the country.”

By the people, and for the people.
“No problem can not be solved with the people’s wisdom, and we are willing to solve all problems for the people.”

This is Wu Yuzhang, the founding president of RUC.


Wu Yuzhang (1878-1966)
Founding President of Renmin University of China
Outstanding proletarian revolutionist, educator, historian and linguist


Based on the life experience of President Wu, the original drama Wu Yuzhang, is created by RUC student art troupe. It recreates President Wu’s experience since his presidency in North China University and Renmin University of China from 1948 to 1966 until the end of his life. Throughout this period, he had given his all and exerted his utmost effort to set up RUC and develop the higher education of China.

The drama, during its repeated modification, has received generous help from families of President Wu, experts and scholars, and RUC alumni. Since its debut in 2017, the drama has been staged for several times in The Central Academy of Drama and Rong County in Sichuan Province, hometown of President Wu. Each time, the performance was highly acclaimed. The drama has won prizes in the 6th Beijing College Students Drama Festival.

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